University Partners:

Name Title Affiliation Area(s) of expertise Contact information Examples of working with non-academic decision makers
Wendy P. Barreno Associate Director Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities, University of Notre Dame LEO's focus areas include health, education, housing, child welfare, economic opportunity, criminal justice wbarreno@nd.udu or
Melissa Davey-Rothwell, PhD Associate Scientist Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Health; 410-614-5854 Baltimore City Health Department Leaders; Maryland Department of Health; Addiction Recovery Services in DC; Executive Directors of community organizations across the US that focus on HIV, STI, substance abuse and implementation science
Elizabeth Stuart Associate Dean for Education and Professor, Departments of Mental Health, Biostatistics, and Health Policy and Management Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Education, social policy, statistical methods

Design-Thinking Resources:

Engagement Guide for Civic Tech

Journey map

Performance Management Resources:

Denver Peak Academy

Proxy measures guide

Talking about performance without complicating it (video)

Setting Performance Targets guide

Data visualization guide

Performance management getting started guide


Fishbone exercise

5 Whys

Administrative Data:

The Lessons of Administrative Data (JPAL)

Evaluation Resources:

Quantitative and qualitative methods (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)

Key Steps in Outcome Management (Urban Institute)


Sage research methods

Best Practices for Mixed Methods Research in the Health Sciences

ACCORD Checklist

Pilot and implementation planning

Benchmarking examples and proxy measures

Seattle open data playbook

Data science scoping guide

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