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Interviews with cities

GovEx held semi-structured interviews with six staff members in four cities to establish the initial steps of the Roadmap. We asked respondents to talk about an initiative or policy that they have been responsible for implementing in their city. Respondents from three cities spoke about their efforts to address homelessness and respondents from one city spoke about blight. After respondents identified the problem, they spoke about how the city prioritized this issue, the various steps involved, and barriers present.

GovEx conducted text analysis of these interviews, which revealed that "people" was the most commonly used term during these conversations, when discussing the steps to change a program or policy. This is a theme throughout this Roadmap. The first section begins with identifying the relevant people. The conversations around evidence are focused on human behavior, rather than methodology or strength of evidence.

Once we had a draft of the Roadmap, we followed up with cities on an individual basis to learn more about what would be helpful. We are grateful to the following city staff for the interviews and individual conversations:

JHU Faculty collaboration

GovEx also convened the city contacts and faculty partners in a series of Advisory Group meetings. These meetings served to connect cities and faculty to understand one another's perspective.

Partners in data and evidence-based policy

We also spoke with partners who are experts in the field of evidence-based policy, who shared their knowledge and resources of current and future thinking in evidence-informed thinking.

GovEx Participants

GovEx Analyst Miriam McKinney analyzed the interview transcripts and conducted text analysis. Senior Implementation Advisor Emily Shaw will integrate Roadmap activities with additional service delivery activities at GovEx.

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